A Strategic Infrastructure Professional: Instantiating Ideas About Infrastructure, Into Ideal Infrastructure

My pulse is measured in bitrate. Sleep is an optional (and boring) activity. My home network has more VLAN's and servers than there are people that live there. My car's license plates are "WIFI" and "KILOBIT. I judge the quality of a hotel based on the quality of its Wi-Fi rather than the quality of its sheets. I am a nerd. I reek of geek and I am proud to have earned that stench.

I am an experienced and driven technology professional with a demonstrated history of success delivering to challenging industries and underserved areas. Skilled in Systems Architecture, Infrastructure Design, Technology Management, Operations, and Technology Sales, I've had the opportunity to work with businesses of all sizes across the gamut of markets. I am a tough, competent, and strong information technology professional with years of experience, master's level education, multiple technical certifications, and an absolute addiction to knowing more. I am absolutely ACK'ing at the bit to connect with you and talk about technology and your business.

Most importantly, I care, and believe in the opportunities, and advancement technology affords us all. I look forward to extending my skills and abilities to truly make a difference through technology. Please never hesitate to contact me. I promise you will not regret it.

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I can't wait to build something awesome with you.


Edovo, Multiple Key Roles, June 2013 - Current

Edovo seeks to help everyone connected to incarceration build better lives. We do this by deploying dedicated, secured, hardened IP networks, that provide services to our directly manufactured Edovo Tablet's, as well as other IoT devices. Our Edovo Tablets connect incarcerated individuals via our secure networks, to our private cloud, where we deliver educational courses, vocational training, behavior therapy, and community engagement opportunities.

Edovo was founded in 2013. I was fortunate to be full-time employee #2 at Edovo, as our Director of Infrastructure. Being an early hire required flexibility in role, and variation of value. As an early hire and our Director of Infrastructure, I directly built, drove, and scaled our infrastructure architecture, technical sales process, and infrastructure operations processes.

I have had the opportunity to lead the strategic building of business growth, teams, training, process, products, capital, sales and sustainability. I have been instrumental in multiple rounds of capital raises (20M), strategic sales planning, guiding all resales and sales engineering opportunities, responding to Government RFP's, and presenting our product offering as the 'technology face' of Edovo.

Edovo acquired Legacy Inmate Communications in June 2018. This merger added telephony, inmate communications, and community communications to our overall platform. This was a hallmark event, expanding our business from 50 people, in one Chicago based office, to 175+ people, spread between two major offices in Los Angeles, CA and Chicago, IL, and another 50+ regional based individuals. Post-merger, Edovo is now able to offer nationwide telephone and video services on our Edovo Dedicated Devices. This acquisition triggered exciting technical and organizational challenges, and changes.

This acquisition also came with the infrastructure and operations responsibility for 20+ years of Legacy Inmate Communication’s existing infrastructure and client footprint. Overnight, our business tripled in size, so did our infrastructure, and thus my focus. Instead of continuing to drive three major areas (arch, sales, and ops) as a Director, I chose to focus deeply on modernizing and sustaining our businesses infrastructure, with a smaller, tightly knit, highly skilled team, as our Principal Infrastructure Engineer. This role drove me back into my core excellence and is driving Edovo through this merger into cloud native applications and infrastructure harmony.

Edovo, Principal Infrastructure Engineer, January 2019 - Current

As the Principal Infrastructure Engineer, I am directly responsible for architecting, building, guiding, and executing strictly the infrastructure technology vision for Edovo. This includes all things cloud, datacenter, backbone, and on-premise. My focused direction is provided directly to our CTO, our development teams, and product teams, and is executed by myself and a small group of highly skilled engineers under my technical direction.

I am currently deeply involved in the complete ecosystem of infrastructure architecture, service delivery, service automation, and support. Over the past months we have moved 80% of workloads directly from on-premise, legacy systems into Amazon Web Services, converted legacy backbone infrastructure to Arista equipment, and began rolling automation across the new holistic organization…with much more to come.

Myself and my team spend the week innovating and instantiating new ideas, deploying in toughest prisons and jails, creating connectivity behind bars, transporting bits to secure applications, and managing all crisis, incident, and investigative response. This comprises the infrastructure backbone that delivers our platforms opportunities to multiple tens of thousands of people that are connected to the incarceration system.

It's still an amazing adventure!

Milestones achieved at Edovo as Principal Infrastructure Engineer:

Edovo, Director of Infrastructure, June 2013 - December 2018

As Director of Infrastructure, I have created, designed, and executed the infrastructure vision that is currently providing all communications connectivity, hosting infrastructure, data security, and business continuity for our business, as well as all of the business processes and support departments that operationally keep us online. This infrastructure effort was started in 2013 with just myself, a backpack, a laptop, and the confidence of my CEO and Board, that scaled into multiple teams, across multiple offices, in multiple time-zones.

It's been an amazing adventure!

Milestones achieved at Edovo as Director of Infrastructure:

Edovo acquired Legacy Inmate Communications in June 2018, triggering exciting technological and organizational change.


XTRACOM - Executive Technology Advisor, January 2015 - December 2017

As Executive Technology Advisor I led and executed the initial infrastructure vision for XTRACOM during its initial founding, then trained staff, scaled skills within that staff, and transitioned mission critical responsibilities over its early phases of business. XTRACOM is a UCaaS company offering core communications services include SIP Trunking, Hosted PBX, Bandwidth, Managed Wi-Fi, and Managed IT Services for the business community.

My direction guided, drove and led XTRACOM operations in several of the largest datacenters and co-locations in the country, including 350 E Cermak in Chicago. My strategies allowed the company to most efficiently leverage industry leading vendor-based solutions from Cisco UCS, VMware vSphere, BroadSoft, while also automating and monitoring them with open source tools. This allowed us as a business to maintain the industry status-quo from a presence, equipment, and compatibility perspective, while embracing the bleeding edge of the IT industry -- treating our infrastructure as a resource pool that can be audited, automated, and managed at scale.

These items were driven through my direction to provide a low-overhead, structured, technical environment, using a small, specific set of solutions and tools, that internal staff can efficiently manage. My guidance translated this tight technical vision into a focused technical training regimen for XTRACOM, mentoring them to a point of self-sufficiency.

Milestones achieved at XTRACOM:

XTRACOM Acquired by S-NET Communications in early 2018.


Totally-Tek! Inc. - Founder, October 2011 - December 2014

Founded in 2011 by myself and two close colleagues Totally-Tek! Inc. was a professional IT services provider. We specialized in designing and implementing secure networks and data infrastructure in the industrial, and enterprise spaces. As a founder and executive, I was dedicated to providing the best technical consultancy and implementation to Totally-Tek! Inc. clients, as well as building and maintaining strategic, operational and financial direction of the business.

We scaled this from nothing to several hundred thousand dollars in revenue, with only three employees. Our projects involved creating a highly available, high throughput, highly resilient, highly secure wired and wireless networks for industrial and manufacturing environments.

Our clients included large scale machining companies needing connectivity on CNC and other manufacturing machines, large scale manufacturing outfits needing connectivity to SCADA, Sensors, HVAC, and security systems, as well as high volume warehousing and refrigerated storage needing totally redundant wireless connectivity for automated machines and warehouse robots.

Our major services included:

Milestones achieved at Totally-Tek!:

Myself and our Founders were 'acqui-hired' by Edovo in 2014 after architecting, designing, building and executing Edovo's first customer deployment in Chicago IL.

Caterpillar Inc.

Caterpillar Inc. - IT Analyst III, August 2012 - September 2013

Recruited directly into Caterpillars top research division to drive innovation in machine to machine communication, IoT, and connected work-site security as an IT Analyst III for Caterpillar Inc. Product Development and Global Technology, Enterprise and Automation Systems Division.

I served as the data communications expert inside the research division, providing systems integration, networking, and security expertise to multiple research projects. These systems included on-machine M2M networks and IoT devices, installed on some of the largest mining machines in the world - the D11T Track-Type Tractor and 797 Series Haul Truck.

I was responsible for designing, engineering, analyzing and implementing managed communications technologies including wired and wireless mediums such as gigabit ethernet, TDM communications, 802.11 wireless, WiMAX and LTE. Backend and onboard systems included Windows, Linux and proprietary operating systems based on Motorola ASIC's.

I brought a IT security and services mentality to a coal and diesel, iron and fire, kind of industry. The systems myself and the team built were some of the first examples of secure, large machine interconnectivity and automation. Together, we built systems of integrated IoT sensors on D11T Tractors, networked existing Engine Control Modules via CANBUS, leveraged GPIO on new Linux Machine Management Modules, designed and deployed Wide Area, Wireless Local Area, Radio Area, and Vehicle Area networks, that completely automated and robotized the surface coal mining process.

I was directly responsible for the design, prototyping, engineering stewardship, and engineering leadership necessary to develop these new innovative ideas, and test them, in the field, in the Powder River Basin in Wyoming at the Black Thunder Coal Mine, alongside a pinnacle company client (Archcoal) in one of the busiest, and most demanding coal mines in the United States.

Milestones achieved at Caterpillar Inc.:

Pavlov Media

Pavlov Media - Network Operations Engineer, February 2010 - August 2012

While operating within Pavlov Media NOC I provided Network Operations support on a nation-wide service provider on multiple networks/sites. My responsibilities included trouble ticket creation and resolution, device configuration and maintenance, as well as structured troubleshooting on data and video systems. The team and I ensured proper response and triage of network incidents, and also executed deployments of new customer sites, co-locations, and network services. We maintained and deployed technologies including Cisco, Dell, D-Link, Mikrotik, Ubiquity, Ruckus Wireless products, as well as DirecTV and Dish Network services and devices.

Our Networks supported consisted of Campus design edge sites, with a national backbone. Campus design edge sites consisted of switched Ethernet, with 250-500 Access Points in full or partial mesh designs on both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz bands. All access points were managed by WAP controller solutions. Backbone connectivity consisted of 10 gigabit Ethernet, SONET, and gigabit wired and wireless links. Wireless backbone connections were made with point-to-point, or point-to-multipoint links using, 24Ghz, 60Ghz, and 80Ghz radios. Routing for these networks was primarily based on OSPF and BGP, with some RIPv2 across VPN tunnel networks.

I directly contributed to the design, procurement, process and deployment greenfield colocations in Indianapolis, IN, Champaign, IL and NYC, NY. This involved specification, procurement, engineering, and installation to production of a Cisco 7600 environment, peering multiple carriers, BGP routing, and integration into daily NOC operations. This co-location instantiated new peering partnerships, and physical co-location, of technologies from Netflix, Valve, and Google. I was directly responsible for interacting with the Network Operations Centers of those respective businesses and integration of their cache / presence offering into our backbone.

I specifically excelled at being the bridge between our NOC and other business units. I differentiated myself from others by being able to guide and assist other support and sales departments when appropriate. I was the youngest in the group, but quickly grew into managing site deployments, managing the department interactions between NOC and the Project Management Office.

Milestones achieved at Pavlov Media:

Pavlov Media

Pavlov Media - Technical Support Representative, January 2010 - February 2010

My very first full-time professional role in information technology. I applied to this role while finishing my pre-law undergraduate studies, when realized IT would be way more fun. I applied to this role with my Customer Relations Experience, a CompTIA N+ / A+ and a CCENT. I was hired, in the room, on the first interview.

While in this position I was responsible for providing Tier 2 Technical Support Services which included, but was not limited to, data and video support, and trouble ticket / work order creation and resolution. Data support included WAN and LAN support for MDU customers as well as troubleshooting wired, and wireless data connections, TCP/IP configuration, DNS, DHCP, HTTP, and other streaming content issues. Video support included in home DVR and satellite support (Dish / DirecTV) as well as standard SMATV support.

Combining my Customer Relations skill, and my love for technology, I absolutely excelled, and was promoted out of this first technology role, into my first Network Operations Role within Pavlov Media, after only 29 days of working there.


Lead Deployment Engineer - PNC Bank Locations / Genesis 10, March 2012 - June 2012

My first contracted 1099 opportunity! I was recruited by Genesis10 to provide outsourced technology refresh services. During this opportunity I provided leadership, technical expertise, quality assurance and quality control on IT deployments in PNC bank locations. Deployments consisted of Cisco / Juniper Layer 2 networks, Dell workstations, Diebold security devices, and proprietary shared resources. Responsibilities included software and hardware installation, configuration, and documentation of deployments, management of other IT contractors, interfacing with PNC Corporate IT and Security teams, as well as customer service and training considerations with PNC Bank Branch staff. Deployments ranged from 20-200 devices.

I directly managed team sizes of 4-15 technicians were used for the projects, depending on the size of the PNC Bank Branch. A different team was used for each branch. Branches spanned a 250-mile radius in IL, IN, and MI. These teams were made of on-call contracted technicians, like me. This leadership opportunity required traveling to a remote site, encouraging, organizing, and establishing rapport and authority with a brand-new crew, and executing the technology operations. This was my first taste of business travel, and remote site work, and I loved it. I've been organizing technology teams and technical projects ever since.

Champaign Park District

Customer Relations Supervisor - Champaign Park District, March 2012 - June 2012

My first management position! I Originally applied to the Champaign Park district at 17, as a regular seasonal employee. I was hired on the first interview as a Customer Relations Rep, however after the first week of training I was immediately promoted into management.

During my time here, I managed customer support and assistance at multiple Champaign Park District facilities. My responsibilities included staff management, training, and scheduling, as well as coordinating customer interactions over various mediums. Staff sizes managed varied seasonally from 10 - 50 employees under direct supervision. Daily duties required facility open and close, cash accounting, point of sale management, staff management and fielding customer issues as they arose.

I had an absolutely amazing, and challenging time through my journey here. Taking this position at a young age pushed me through lessons of professionalism, organization, administration, team building, and professional development. This was an invaluable first management opportunity at exactly the right time. I am happy to look back at my time here with extreme gratitude for the early push into the professional world.


Independent Researcher - Ford Motor Company, January 2004 - May 2006

This was a graduate-student research position at the University of Illinois in Urbana Champaign...That I was awarded, while in High School. I found this position posted while auditing an Undergraduate class in Gregory Hall. I saw that only a *@uiuc.edu email address was needed to apply, so I did. Thanks' Prof. T. O'Guinn for thinking I was way older than I was, and then subsequently signing my work permit while laughing at me.

While in this role I executed electronic research and archiving of print advertising ads containing Ford products in comparison to print advertising ads of other products. Ad to product wording comparison was researched from the years 1865 - 2000. This research included creation of digital images by operating large format iSCSI optical scanners, archiving of large TIFF uncompressed digital images on 4.GB DVD's (huge back then!), as well as sourcing print materials from various libraries and collections like the Library of Congress.

Meaning, I at age 16 would frequently be requesting the only copy existing in the United States of a print-based periodical, like The Saturday Evening Post from 1895, would take delivery of the tome from the Library of Congress, and then would carefully digitally image the advertisements out of the issue for analysis by other teams at Ford. This material was used by Ford in multiple lawsuits relating to the precedent setting 'Ford Explorer / Firestone' rollover cases that were eventually settled in class action in 2007.


Penn State

Master of Science, Engineering and Industrial Management - Penn State University

This aggressive curriculum focused on a combination of raw engineering courses and management / finance courses, take a cohort of engineering students through a combination of traditional numbers, gears, bits and logic, as well as business administration, project management, accounting, risk assessment, and financial forecasting classes.

This consisted of multiple Systems Engineering, Energy Systems Analysis, Personnel Management, Supply Chain Management and Analysis, Operations Modeling, Asset Management, Project Planning, Team Building, and Risk Management courses.

This degree was completed, with a high GPA at the same time that I was establishing Edovo, spinning down Totally-Tek!, living between three cities -- and could not have been more valuable in shaping my business acumen.

University of Illinois

Bachelor of Arts, Liberal Arts and Sciences, Minor in Philosophy - University of Illinois

Curriculum consisted of a guided selection of English, Philosophy, Critical Thinking, Literature, and Interdisciplinary Studies courses. My course work at this organization was rigorously scheduled around pre-law efforts. As an elective, I also pursued a Private Pilots License. Uncommonly I started ground school senior year, in addition to 20 hours of normal course work, and finished all student qualifications, FAA Exams, and instrument training within one semester. My undergraduate thesis on 'Experiental Learning' was chosen as a College Example, shown to other students in future cohorts as an example of the quality expected from students.

Current Technical Certification (Listed Alphabetically):


Lifetime or Expired Technical Certification (Listed Alphabetically):

Professional Certification (Listed Alphabetically):

Public Speaking

WAV Partner Conference, August 2018 - Speaker, Panelist, Discussion Leader

CIO Strategy Meeting, August 2017 - Speaker, Discussion Group Leader, Conference Facilitator

Corrections Technology Association of America, May 2017 - Keynote Speaker, Technical Instructor, Discussion Group Leader

Samsung KNOX National Conference, February 2017 - Keynote Speaker, Discussion Group Panelist

Samsung National Sales Conference, January 2017 - Keynote Speaker, Discussion Group Panelist

CIO Strategy Meeting, August 2016 - Speaker, Discussion Group Leader, Conference Facilitator


U.S. Non-Provisional Patent Application No. 15/135,097

Title: DEVICE, SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PROVIDING INCENTIVES INCLUDING TECHNOLOGY USE AND TECHNOLOGY-BASED WORK. Filing Date: April 21, 2016. Allowance Date: March 7, 2019. Final Grant Date: Est. June 2019

Awards and Publicity

Microsoft Design Award, November 2014

- for innovative work on Edovo's Incentivized Learning Management System

BizTech Magazine, What it Takes to Bring Education Behind Bars, December 2014 - Featured for work on Edovo's connectivity platform


Maintained Technical Skills

No matter what, I am a pure infrastructure geek first. I am pleased to say I have maintained a home lab (and the associated power bill) since 2009. Any skill I press forward as an invidivual is throughghly learned, tested, and loved, before being propsoed within strucuture to the business. As an individual, I have not only managed, but built tons of infrastrucutre. This has included multiple private and hybrid clouds, LAN and WAN in the most challenging of places, back end network services, and cloud native applications

As a technical organization leader, through maintinaining technical accumen, I can ensure any technical skill or delivery I ask of other team members is at the very least, understood by myself as a technical leader in scope and difficulty level.

DevOps and Cloud:

Experienced in Rackspace, AWS, EC2, VPC, EBS, ELB, S3, Glacier, EFS, Redshift, RDS, FSx, ElasticSearch, Kinesis, Transit Gateway, Ansible, Expect, Jenkins, Containers, Centralized Logging (ELK, SumoLogic, Splunk), Monitoring Frameworks, Automation Tools


Experience deploying, maintaining, and troubleshooting Cisco, Dell, HP, SuperMicro, and white label Server Hardware, Hard Disk Storage, NVME and MLC Solid State Storage, NetApp and Nimble Storage Arrays, JBOD Arrays, UPS, battery backup systems, power distribution management, datacenter heating and cooling. IoT, Peripherals and External Devices: Experience deploying, maintaining, and troubleshooting industrial sensors, PLC's, SCADA devices (Siemens), HVAC control, custom GPIO modules, Engine Management Modules, ruggedized vehicles, automated vehicles, Multi-Function Printers, Stand-Alone Printers, Scanners (Standard and Large Format), MICR Readers, Security Cameras and DVR's, Digital Cameras, Imaging Equipment, and Magnet Stripe Readers, Bar Code Scanners, RF Tags and RF Readers, Security Tokens, Redundant Power Supplies, Battery Backup Systems, Bluetooth Accessories, VoIP Handsets and IP Phones, analog / FXS devices.


Experienced in architecting, designing, deploying, operating, maintaining, procuring, staffing and training on, Wired and Wireless Layout and Design, Optimization, Availability, Redundancy and Failover, Routers and Switches (SOHO, Standalone, Modular, Carrier Class, NFV, Cisco 6500/7600, Cisco ASR, Cisco ISR 1900, 2900, 3900, 4000 series, Cisco Nexus, Arista, Juniper, HP, Dell PowerConnect, vEOS, CSR), Wireless Access Points and Antenna's (Cisco, Ruckus), Wireless Backbone Equipment (Bridgewave, Ubiquiti, Cambium), Hardware Firewall (Fortinet Fortigate, ASA, Barracuda, Meraki MX), Hardware IDS/IPS, Load Balancers, and Application Specific Appliances. Experience deploying, maintaining, and troubleshooting WAN Connections (SONET, Metro Ethernet, Data Center Cross Connects, DS3, T1, DSL, Wireless Backhaul), SD-WAN Connections (ATT, Viptela, Velocloud, Meraki), LAN Connections (Ethernet, 802.11, Layer 2 / Layer 3, VLAN's, Inter-VLAN Routing, R/M/STP), Routing (BGP, OSPF, Dynamic, Static), Anycast, IPv4, IPv6, Security Considerations (MAC Filtering, Firewall's, Wireless Security, Access Lists, Encryption, PKI, Application-Level Network Permissions, Certificates and Certificate Authorities, SSL), Network Resource Sharing (NFS, CIFS, SMB, RBAC), Cloud Direct Connection (AWS, Azure, vCloud, Private Provider), Core Network Services (DNS, DHCP, RADIUS, NTP).

Operating Systems:

Experience deploying, maintaining, and troubleshooting and maintaining Microsoft Windows Desktop and Server, Mac OS X, Workstation / Enterprise Linux, and Embedded Unix, Ubuntu, Red Hat, Centos, and Fedora, VMware ESXi, VMware vCenter, VMware vSphere.

Volunteer Activity

Home Maintenance Coordinator, Empty Tomb Inc. May 2010 - Dec 2010

Empty Tomb Inc. is a non-profit organization in Central Illinois. They provide food bank, financial services, and home repair outreach top those in need. While offering volunteer services here I coordinated the organization and execution of residential construction and maintenance projects in the Champaign county area. Projects included home renovations, roofing, plumbing, and some electrical work in at-risk and in need neighborhoods. Coordination efforts included finding prospective projects, budgeting costs, community outreach for committed volunteers to execute the construction, fund raising outreach to pay for materials, and job site operations.

This opportunity combined all of my previous passions for volunteer work, along with my professional abilities in management. By combing the two I was able to create processes that allowed the organization to operate multiple outreach construction efforts at once, compared to one-by-one projects previously. I was invigorated to see project management efforts drive community outreach and outcomes. This experience shaped how I viewed the impact process can drive, and provided the background 'feeling' that continues and bolsters my 'be of service' mentality.

Navajo Nation

Mission Coordinator, Navajo Evangelical Mission, August 2009

Inspired by the first experience, I returned as a coordinator. Building on to our existing relationships and projects that began in our first project, we delivered further opportunities into their education system by providing direct teaching material, curriculum resources, technology resources, and intensive workshopping sessions with staff. I and two others coordinated a fast action mission to return rapidly to the area within the same summer season and provide valuable training and resources to the teaching staff at a local area elementary/middle school, prior to the start of the school year. My specific role was to coordinate technology resources on site (desktop computers, printers, securing internet connectivity, content filtering) and educate existing Navajo technology clansmen on the operation and maintenance of a 'connected school'.

Navajo Nation

Mission Coordinator, Navajo Evangelical Mission, June 2009

The Mission was a non-government, non-corporate entity that sought to deliver resources to the Navajo nation in the southwestern United States. Assisted in the organization and execution of educational projects in the Navajo Nation. Projects included construction renovations, classroom education, early childhood education, and library technology resource management.


Volunteer, Appalachia Service Project, June 2007, June 2006, June 2005

Appalachia Service Project or ASP is a non-governmental organization which addresses substandard housing using volunteer labor to perform repairs to make homes "warmer, safer, and drier." ASP operates in Central Appalachia, specifically in the states of Kentucky, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia. ASP's vision is that "substandard housing in Central Appalachia will be eradicated and that everyone who comes into contact with this ministry will be transformed."

Repairs are made using volunteer labor forces, which I was honored to be a part multiple times over three summer seasons. Summer of 2007 would be my last project thus far with the organization. I moved on to volunteering in a different region of the United States following this experience, but always and forever will take the sights, images, lessons, humility, and impact of the experience with me through every endeavor.

Cree Tribe

Volunteer, Rocky Boy Cree-Chippewa Reservation, July 2003, August 2004

Rocky Boy's provides a home for about 2,500 members of the Chippewa-Cree tribe. The name "Rocky Boy" was derived from the name of a leader of a band of Chippewa Indians. It actually meant "Stone Child," but it was not translated correctly from Chippewa into English, and "Rocky Boy" evolved.

Rocky Boy's Reservation is near the Canadian border, in northcentral Montana. It is graced by the Bears Paw Mountains, which provide a dramatic contrast to the flat bottomlands of this area.

Rocky Boy's residents who work on the reservation are employed by the schools, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Indian Health Service and tribal government. There is also some wheat farming and post and pole production. The tribe is actively working toward development of its natural resources to be able to provide more jobs and income for its people.

I was privileged to be included in the community during the summers of my developing years. This experience greatly changed my outlook on personal connections, and impact, by showing me at a young age that personal drive, interpersonal connection, and team work can deliver serious impact for a community.

Kicking Up Saw Dust

When I'm not working on metal, bits, bytes, wavelengths, and RF bands, I take time to chisel, shape, mill, plane, sand, and assemble custom wood works. Don't be suprised if a Cornstubble Cutting Board, or Live Edge Slab Table shows up at the office holiiday event!

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