My name is Mike and I love infrastructure!

I have been extremely fortunate to have experienced some awesome adventures in technology. This is my effort to share some of those adventures, share knowlege and practices, and some mild opinions.

I've worked in ISP's, industrial environments, datacenters, and operated startup's. I've stayed up late, made mistakes, seen the sun rise the next day, and ensured services stayed online through the chaos. My pulse is measured in bitrate. Sleep is an optional (and boring) activity. My home network has more VLAN's and servers than there are people that live there. My car's license plates are "WIFI" and "KILOBIT. I judge the quality of a hotel based on the quality of its Wi-Fi rather than the quality of its sheets. I am a nerd. I am an experienced, driven and gifted technology professional with a demonstrated history of success delivering technology to challenging industries and underserved areas. Skilled in Systems Architecture, Infrastructure Design, Technology Management, Operations, and Technology Sales, I've had the opportunity to work with businesses of all sizes across the gamut of markets. I am a tough, competent, and strong information technology professional with years of experience, master's level education, multiple technical certifications.

Most importantly, I am absolutely addicted to knowing more. I care, and believe in the opportunities, and advancement technology affords us all. I look forward to extending my skills and abilities to truly make a difference through technology. This page, pitch, blog, and outreach is an effort to do just that.

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Please never hesitate to contact me if you see something we can create together. I can't wait to build something awesome with you.


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